Primorje Synchro Cup is a competition for age group 13-15 and age group 15-18 (junior) and listed in LEN calendar

Primorje Synchro Cup (PSC) is the only international competition in synchronized swimming in Croatia and it’s registered in the LEN calendar. The first PSC was held in 1997 and it was originally designed as a part of the celebration of the patron saint of Rijeka, St. Vitus. It’s always held in late June, except last year, when at that time we had the European Championship in synchronized swimming for juniors. At the PSC annually welcomes about 150 swimmers from clubs and national teams, from different countries, mostly from Europe.

See you in Rijeka on June 21st, 2018 at the 18th PSC at the most beautiful swimming pool in this part of Europe


18th PSC info

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